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Healthcare-focused online learning platform

Medigrad is a healthcare-focused online learning platform providing specialized programs in various specialties with a focus to break the boundary barriers and reach where it is desperately needed. The programs are specially designed by highly experienced doctors in the specific specialty who have been exposed to enormous clinical cases and can infuse all their practical & theoretical knowledge into the course content. Medigrad has merged highly researched pedagogy with the latest technology to give world-class learning experience to the students.


To take quality medical education in every part of the country so as to give the doctors confidence and knowledge to handle clinical cases with ease.


Enhancing the skills of doctors and upgrading their knowledge in the most interesting way without letting them quit their clinical practice and ease of learning from anywhere, anytime.

What is the need for specialized courses?

We all know that there is a huge disparity between the seat availability for MBBS and Post graduation(MD / MS). The doctors are left with very limited options for courses after MBBS if they want to learn about a particular specialization in-depth. There is already an extreme shortage of specialized doctors in India. There are hardly any institutions who conduct courses for MBBS doctors We felt the need for the specialized courses for MBBS doctors so that they get to learn the basics and criticalities of a particular specialization. With that idea, we initiated specialized certificate courses for MBBS doctors which they can do after MBBS.

Once MBBS is completed, this question always takes round in the head of MBBS Doctors. MBBS is done, so what should I do next? A lot of doctors sit for the NEET PG with an aspiration of getting a preferred PG Seat while few others settle with the PG Seats they get. Few MBBS Pass-outs opt for setting up their clinics while others already have plans to practice at the hospitals or clinics being managed by their doctor’s parents and some MBBS graduate opts Non-Clinical careers in Healthcare management, administrations, and research. Other fresh medical graduates decide to start practicing at private hospitals and few of them get an opportunity to be attached to government hospitals. Among all of these medical graduates, there are a lot of doctors who seek to learn more and consequently uplift their medical careers. They want to gain an in-depth understanding of the diverse medical fields. For all these MBBS Doctors who are looking for some of the other courses, there is a great opportunity for them to enhance their clinical skills and upgrade their medical knowledge into multiple fields while quitting what they are already doing or what they are about to They can join specialized programs designed offered by medigrad.com which are specially designed by the senior doctors for the young, aspiring doctors who have a keen interest in gaining more knowledge.

We create specialized courses for doctors with the support of highly experienced and highly educated senior doctors so that the young MBBS doctors get to learn from the blended theoretical and practical content. The course content of these specialized courses is designed, created, and curated by a panel of senior doctors. The courses are designed in such a way that it gets comfortable for both, doctors who have recently completed their MBBS and those MBBS doctors who are practicing. Our courses for MBBS doctors are in a blended form where once a candidate enrolls, he/she gets the online access to study material (online and offline), the study on their own initiative through the reading material provided to them and web sessions are taken by our senior faculty and other multimedia content provided to them, they then undergo an online exam of a particular module. Once they are done with the online studies, they are attached to the partnered hospitals for practical exposure where they get to learn about the practical aspects of that particular specialization. The overall idea of conducting these courses for MBBS doctors to enhance the clinical skills of a young MBBS doctor, expose them with the practical realities along with the theoretical teaching so that they gain sufficient confidence to handle the cases and become job-ready.

We conduct certificate courses for MBBS doctors and fellowship courses after MBBS as well as specializations like gynecology and obstetrics, diabetes, cardiology, and pediatrics. Course in gynecology and obstetrics cover all basic and in-depth understanding of obstetric skills and gynecological procedures. Fellowship in Gynaecology and Obstetrics covers practical training and online learning about gynecology. Certificate in gyne and obs covers the online theoretical learning and through live web sessions with senior gynecologists and obstetricians.


Academic Associations

International Partners

Medigrad has partnered with e-Integrity who provides access to world-class healthcare training developed for the UK National Health Service but now available globally.

New collaborative programs cover a wide range of specialties, from acute medicine, dentistry, pain management to pediatrics, and sexual health. The quality of this e-learning is a key differentiator.

All programs have been developed by the various UK’s medical royal colleges, leading professional bodies and Health Education England. The content is written and peer-reviewed by practicing clinicians and regularly updated to reflect the latest clinical developments and guidelines.

Medigrad has launched a variety of blended learning courses in specialization like Acute Medicine, Critical care & Intensive care Medicine, Electrocardiography, Lung Ultrasound, Diabetes, General Practitioners, pain management, image interpretation, e-radiology and many. It will help all young medical professionals to enhance their clinical knowledge through the latest learning platforms, training, and the latest advanced medical simulations.

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