Diabetes mellitus has been declared the largest global health emergency of the 21st century by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has reached epidemic proportions sparing no country, age group, sex, social strata, or ethnic group.

Just to gauge its gigantic magnitude, globally, one in every eleven people suffers from diabetes and one person dies every 6 seconds because of diabetes and its complications.

India holds the dubious distinction of being the “Diabetic Capital” of the world, projected to rank first worldwide by 2040, beating china. India also tops the world in maximum leg amputation due to diabetic foot. A number of deaths due to diabetes-related complications in India outscores those due to HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined.

With these spine-chilling statistics forming the backdrop, it will suffice to say that there has never been a more urgent need for a specialized text on diabetes which can reach out to medical graduates, postgraduates and practitioners alike. That is precisely what our “Certificate course on diabetes” is designed for, mixing simplicity with science along with the latest global and national guidelines.

It being a multisystem disorder, comprehensive management of diabetes and its complications requires a multidisciplinary approach, involving general physicians, cardiologists, nephrologists, and endocrinologists. Unfortunately, there is a worrying shortage of specialists in India. As per a 2017 national survey, there were a total of only 4000 cardiologists (as against 88000 needed), 1200 nephrologists (as against 40000 needed), and 650 endocrinologists (as against 28000 needed) in India. Hence, with every one in eight patients walking in a general OPD being a diabetic, the onus lies on the general physician for prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment.

measuring blood sugar

This one-year course Fellowship in Diabetology has been divided into “4 Modules”, underlining a stepwise and fluid approach towards understanding, diagnosing, and treating diabetes.

Since its understanding is evolving and changing rapidly, it becomes imperative for the treating doctor to keep abreast of the changes. That is why, in addition to the core text, we will bring to you “LIVE webinars” at regular intervals. These will act as virtual platforms not just for clearing doubts but also as a forum for case discussion and the latest breakthrough in the field. The doctors will also go with 01-month clinical training at partnered hospitals or take 02 days of extensive workshops at D. Y Patil Medical Simulations Lab, Navi Mumbai. 

                                                                                                        –“Dr. Shashank Tandon, Program Faculty- FID_ Medigrad”