Utilize your valuable time with Specialized Courses

In India, there is a huge mismatch of seat availability for UG and PG in medical education. If we talk about numbers, PG seat availability is nearly half of what we have the seats for MBBS. This creates a situation of much lesser specialized doctors in our country as compared to the need. Be it Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Gynecologists, Obstetricians, Endocrinologists, there is a huge shortfall according to WHO reports in every department in India. More than one lakh of aspirants sit for PG Entrance every year but only one-fifth of them get through the PG Seats. The situation keeps on multiplying since the previous year aspirants apply next year with a hope to crack the seat. So while studying for PG NEET, a student can utilize their valuable time by enrolling in one of the specialized courses at Medigrad.

The courses at Medigrad can be studied from anywhere and anytime as per the convenience of a student. The programs are well designed with engaging and interesting content by senior doctors. There are also live web sessions with the faculties for case discussions and for doubt clarification. The courses will not only let a PG aspirant gain specialized knowledge and upgrade their skills which can be utilized in the clinical practice but will also assist them to clear the PG Entrance since most of the topics are covered during the course.