They say Change is the only constant thing. We observed this scenario in the past and we are witnessing the same today as well. What lies in the future, no one knows but we know that if we do not adopt the changes and react accordingly, things might go on a toss for us. That is why it is very important to change self with the changing times.


Corona, the pandemic has changed a lot of things for millions and millions of people. It has brought a lot of challenges for each one of us which we never anticipated. The actual cause is unknown for the world, so is the cure. The only measure to be saved from this pandemic is Social Distancing which means staying at a distance from the other individual to restrict the chances of spread. It is believed and proven that social distancing helps to break the spread chain of a deadly virus by staying at homes.

Following the same, organizations worldwide have started the new trend of working from home and the educational institutes have also started study from home pattern i.e E-Learning. Although this not new since a few of them had worked from home in the past as well and E-Learning has been the new emerging trend but it was among a few of the population. This pandemic has made Work from Home and Study from Home a new normal and people are learning to live with it. A large number of the population are now getting used to it and being productive at the same time.

Undoubtedly operating from home be it work or E-learning has a lot of advantages. For Instance, one can save a lot of commute time and expenditures, avoidance of unproductive time, lesser pollution and chaos on roads, more life balance & family time, and so on. We, as a part of the E-Learning industry, offering blended learning programs for MBBS Doctors had always believed in it and have been working towards it for a while, and now more & more learners are adopting this change.


https://medigrad.com/ is one of the most appreciated platforms by the doctors for skill enhancement and knowledge up-gradation. The delivery of all the programs offered by Medigrad is majorly online which enables the learners to access the program from any part of the world. Digital Learning helps the young doctors to continue the learning along with their clinical practice or preparation for the post-graduation. The course content offered by Medigrad is very well researched and curated by the senior doctors who have vast knowledge in a particular field and well versed with clinical experience. E-learning in medical education works really well since the doctors from far off areas can get the same learning experience and knowledge.

Doctors in Tier 2, Tier 3 cities studies the same way a doctor in Tier 1 city. E-Learning eliminates the challenge of physical boundaries and unnecessary wastage of commuting time. All these factors have molded and transformed the learning approach. More and more people worldwide are now moving to form physical classes to digital learning. This positive change is going to stay for a long time and we as a group need to make sure that we deliver the best of the learning experience with a more effective and interesting way.